Insert a logo at Edkimo is very easy! At the beginning of your Premium or Teams license, the logo file (or more than one) is stored. Premium users will automatically see the inserted logo of their school or organization in the top right corner of their account.

When you create your own templates, the default setting is that the logo appears in the header of the template.

For templates created before the license has begun, you can easily add your logo. Click the desired template and go to the edit mode.

Insert or remove logo in the editor

In the edit mode of a template, the logo can now be added or changed with one click. Click on “Change logo” at the very top of the edit mode.

All logos available will appear. Choose your logo and don’t forget to “Save”. The white square stands for “no logo” in the header of a template and can also be selected.

Add a logo to an existing survey

Would you like to add or remove a logo from a already created survey? This is also possible, but only as long as there are no responses. To do this, click on “Details” on the corresponding survey and then on “Edit”.

The process is then the same as described earlier.

Logo in PDF Download

If you have used a logo in your template or survey, it will automatically appear in the PDF download of the survey, template and results. The positioning of the logo is fixed in the design and cannot be changed.