Surveys and templates are distinguished by the fact that templates present the base of surveys. Participants always take part in an active survey, not a template.

Under “Surveys” you will find a list of all created surveys which wait for conduct or have already been accomplished.

However, if you want to conduct a new survey, you have to create it first. There are two ways to do this.

1. path to a new survey

You can select a template from the blue control box, give it a title and then click the red “Create a new survey” button.

Now you have generated a new survey.

2. path to a new survey

Alternatively, you can also create a new survey via “Templates”.

Under “My templates” you will find own templates, team templates and library templates listed.

  • “Own templates” are all templates that you have created yourself in the editor. You can reuse, edit or share these templates with other users.
  • “Team templates” are templates that are available to all team members.
  • “Library templates” are tried and tested templates from various fields. Visit the library to get inspired.

To turn a template into a survey, click the “Preview” button of the respective template.

To change the template to a survey, click the “Start a survey” button at the bottom right.

Now all that remains is to give the survey a title.

The newly created survey is now listed on the surveys page under “All Surveys” and can be conducted.

The template is also still available for editing under “Templates”.